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Washer Repair

Today’s washing machines save us a great deal of work while providing a great deal of convenience in the process. So it’s difficult to think about not having one in our lives. It is especially hard when it comes to the vision of seeing dirty clothes piling up in your laundry room. Consequently, whenever you experience a breakdown or malfunction, it can easily disrupt your home life, and be extremely inconvenient. However, there’s no need to worry, thanks to the washer repair services that Platinum Appliance Repair provides the residents of Milton, Niagara Falls, and Pickering.

Before You Call Us

First of all, never assume that you need to go out and purchase a new washing machine the moment you experience a problem. Sometimes, a minor cost-effective repair is all that is needed to get your washer back up and running again. And that is far cheaper than purchasing a new one. Today’s washer/dryer combos can get pretty pricey; so not taking their operation for granted makes good sense.

If you feel something is amiss with your washer, here are four (4) troubleshooting tips to consider before calling us for washer repair in Ontario:

Washer doesn’t drain or fill properly – This could be caused by a number of issues, including a clogged drain or filler hose. If it isn’t one of these issues you may have a larger problem that requires professional help. This could include a defective lid switch, pump, or water level sensor. It could also mean a worn out drive belt.

Washer is leaking – This could be caused by a loose hose connection, so check that first. If you have a front loader, check the door to see if there are small holes or tears in the gasket. Bad connections, damaged hoses, and door gaskets could be the primary culprit when you notice that your washing machine leaks.

Washer is noisy – This results when your washer is out of balance. So, ensure that it is level before calling us. If the load is too heavy or large, it will cause your washer to make a lot of noise. If, after you have checked all these issues, your washing machine is still making noise, let a professional handle things.

Washer isn’t working at all – Believe it or not, this problem is more common than what you would think. It may just be that it isn’t plugged in, or that the plug is loose in the socket. Or it may be that the socket is faulty, and you just need to plug your washer into a different one. However, if this doesn’t work, call Platinum Appliance Repair.

To ensure highest quality installations and repairs, we have a hand-picked team of technicians. Each has cleared all background checks. Every technician is verified, licensed and factory-trained with years of experience in working on all brands, make and models of home appliances. For more information regarding washer repair in Milton, Niagara Falls, or Pickering, call us at your earliest convenience.