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Stove Repair

Professional appliance installation, preventative maintenance, and repair services can ensure the comforts and conveniences of your home. As well, the maintenance and repairs insure the safety of you and your family members. This is especially true when it comes to stove repair; whether your appliance operates on electricity or natural gas. Furthermore, if you live in Milton, Niagara Falls, or Pickering, Platinum Appliance Repair is here to help you with all your appliance service needs.

Your stove is a vital component of the kitchen. So when there are issues, you can experience problems with the operation of your stove, the power supply, or both. The average lifespan of a stove typically varies between 16 years for electric powered models, and 19 years for those that are natural gas powered. But that does not preclude the fact that a breakdown, or malfunction, can occur at any time. So if you’re currently having problems, give us a call. We’ll respond promptly.

Stove Issues or Problems That We Repair

Ironically, the moment a person’s oven or stove (or any other kitchen appliance for that matter) goes on the fritz, the inclination is to go shopping for a new one. However, all that might be needed is a simple, inexpensive stove repair, provided by a technician at Platinum Appliance Repair. So before you break out your purse or wallet, why not call us out to your Milton, Niagara Falls or Pickering home first. That phone call may just save you a great deal of money; if a repair is all that is needed. We’ll send out our experienced technicians, to ensure that they can check and evaluate the issue with the stove, and suggest appropriate repairs. If the appliance is beyond repair, or the repair is too expensive, they will suggest replacement. However, they will work as per your decision.

Some of the more common problems that we repair include burners getting too hot; no matter what the temperature setting is, or burners not igniting at all. Another common problem involves an improperly working clock, as well as a burned out indicator light, or range hood light. Rest assured, whether it’s your oven or stove, we will install genuine replacement parts. Parts are backed by the individual manufacturer’s warranty, including the ones listed here:

bake igniters/burners


controller boards


spark modules


switches/ temperature sensors

gaskets and heating elements

self-clean latches ignition wires


safety valves

spark electrodes

We offer a 98% on-time arrival rate for in-home stove repair in Milton, Niagara Falls and Pickering. You can rest assured that your Platinum Appliance Repair technician will arrive promptly. We offer a more flexible appointment setting, to accommodate your schedule. Our technicians will even give you a courtesy call when they are on the way or running behind. For more information, call Platinum Appliance Repair today.