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Appliance Repair & Maintenance Services

Most of us realize how important our major household appliances are, especially when there is a problem with one. It’s safe to say that our appliances create an extremely comfortable and convenient environment for us to live in, not to mention how they keep our households running more efficiently. Eventually, the day will come when one of them is going to malfunction or quit working altogether and that’s where Platinum Appliance Repair can help.

We have provided residents throughout the Greater Toronto Area with the highest quality appliance repair services at the most cost-effective pricing. We also provide professional appliance installation and preventative appliance maintenance plans that can be tailored to the needs of every household. We understand how people have grown to depend on their appliances. That’s why every repair technician is always prepared with an extensive supply of components and parts when they arrive to help.

Avoid going the DIY Route

For many individuals, DIY repair can be tempting when you’re having issues with one of your appliances because you can save money by not hiring a repair technician to fix it. But make no mistake about it, DIY appliance repairs are not always a wise idea and can cost you more in the long run where money and time are concerned. Furthermore, you need to be skilled at working with electricity, natural gas, and plumbing, depending on the appliance that is having problems. When all else fails, trust the repair technicians at Platinum Appliance Repair

Professional Services that You can trust

There are a lot of factors that contribute to our uniqueness and why so many customers throughout the GTA and southern Ontario continue to rely on us for all their appliance repair needs. One of those factors is the extensive line of installation, maintenance, and repair services that we have been providing since our company was established (insert number of) years ago. The following is a breakdown of the services we provide:

Clothes dryer repair : having to hang your clothes outside to dry can be aggravating when you’re used to having a clothes dryer take care of you clothing and other items quickly and efficiently. Having dryer problems is not only frustrating, it can be costly when it isn’t operating energy-efficiently. Signs that are indicative of a problem include clothes taking too long to dry or getting marked and torn while tumbling, dryer making loud noises or not tumbling, and violent shaking.

Dishwasher repair : without this helpful appliance, you would have to revert to hand washing your dishes, an unpleasant experience at best. It’s nice having an appliance that enables you to sit back and relax while it does all the work for you. However, when your dishwasher is not operating properly, this could be attributed to several issues. Dishes not getting thoroughly clean, rust on the bottom of the dishwasher, soap and water leaking onto the kitchen flooring, and water not heating up are all signs of trouble.

Oven / range repair : another one of the modern kitchen conveniences we have come to enjoy on a daily basis are our ovens and ranges. Furthermore, they are available in two varieties – electric and natural gas. However, when they break down, it’s not only frustrating and inconvenient, it detracts from quality time spent with your family. Signs that indicate the possibility of problems include burner jets not partially lighting, oven isn’t heating up to the temperature setting, and sparks coming from the oven

Refrigerator repair : without a doubt, this is one the most important appliance in your home. Without a properly operating refrigerator, foods and leftovers would spoil in no time. It’s not just a matter of the cost involved to replace those spoiled items, it poses a serious health risk to you and your family. Condensation accumulating on the seals, food that isn’t chilled properly, frost build-up on the inside, humming noises, and water pooling up behind and underneath the refrigerator are all signs of trouble.

Washer repair : another example of an appliance that provides us with a great deal of convenience is the washing machine. Yet we often take these machines for granted and expect that they will always take care of our laundry so efficiently. But what would it be like if the washer broke down there were piles of clothing and linens left to do? If you notice a burning odor, improper drainage, the washer stops spinning or takes a long time to fill, or whining noises, you need to have your washer checked out immediately.

While these are the more common repair calls that we answer, Platinum Appliance Repaircan assist you with other services such as:

Professional appliance installation : from a DIY perspective, some appliances are easy enough to install without professional assistance. However, it’s not always as easy as one might think. If you’re hoping for the best results possible and want long-term, energy-efficient performance, your best option is to let our appliance specialists do the installation for you. Hiring a professional installation service also ensures that your fixtures, floors, and walls will not get damaged in any way. But most importantly, you decrease the risk of personal injury when you let a professional do the installing.

Preventative appliance maintenance : the secret to decreased repair costs, energy-efficient operation, and a longer lifespan is the care and preventative maintenance that you provide. One of our appliance specialists will be happy to sit down with you and customize a preventative maintenance plan for your appliances that is tailored to the specific needs of your household. Our plans will increase energy-efficiency by 20% or more and prevent up to 90% of all repair or replacement costs. Best of all, it will help to reduce energy consumption which in turn will help to lower your monthly utility bills.

If you would like more information on our extensive line of appliance services and our preventative maintenance plans or wish to schedule an appointment for service, please contactPlatinum Appliance Repair. Let us show you how we can help keep your home running efficiently.