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Appliance Repair Pickering

Our major appliances play a very crucial role in our household environment because of the comfort and convenience they provide as well as the many tasks they perform. From your dishwasher, oven / range combo, and refrigerator to your washer and dryer, they save us countless hours of frustration and stress. Yet we take them for granted and assume that we can always depend on them. It’s so easy for all of us to forget this, until they break down or simply quit working completely.

DIY or Professional Appliance Repair

It can be very tempting to try DIY appliance repair in Pickering when one of them stops working or malfunctions. Although you might be thinking that you will save time and money by not calling Platinum Appliance Repair, you could be doing yourself a real disservice at the same time. If you make a mistake with a DIY repair, it can cost you a lot more in the long run and be dangerous as well. There are two main reasons to avoid DIY repair:

It can be ineffective : if you don’t have the knowledge required to do appliance repairs like the professionals, you might not diagnose the problem correctly. Not every repair is a simple DIY task and the wrong diagnosis could complicate the problem, thereby causing you to perform the wrong repair. It could also lead to certain safety concerns and create a more expensive repair for the professional repair specialist you have to call out and fix your mistakes.

It can comprise you and your family’s safety :inexperience and the lack of proper tools can be a dangerous thing when it comes to DIY appliance repair. Without the necessary experience and expertise you run the risk of being electrocuted or getting asphyxiated by natural gas. These issues are not only dangerous, they can be fatal in some cases. There is also the potential for electrical or natural gas fires if you have not been trained to work with these energy sources.

The lack of proper equipment as well as the necessary experience and expertise can also equate to aftermarket, poorer quality components and parts being used. Even if you diagnose the problem correctly and somehow manage to do the right repair, a DIY repair usually doesn’t last as long as professional appliance repair in Pickering.

Trustworthy Appliance Repairs

When it comes to finding a trustworthy appliance repair company, Platinum Appliance Repairare the technicians to rely on. We meet all of the qualifications necessary to meet industry standards such as:

All parts and workmanship covered by manufacturer’s warranties and backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Courteous, professional technicians whose punctuality is backed by a 98% on-time arrival rate for all in-home appliance repairs.

Flexible appointment setting around your schedule, not ours

Honest, up-front price quotes with no unpleasant surprises when we hand you the bill for our services (you know how much you’re paying before we start working)

We also adhere to a “treat their home like it was your home” policy of leaving your home in the same shape it was in when we first entered it. We even bring our own mats so your flooring doesn’t get soiled by greasy parts. Rest assured, you will be helped by industry experts when Platinum Appliance Repaircome to care for and maintain your appliances.

It’s all about Price, Quality, and Time

You might be asking what makes us better at appliance repair in Pickering. What is it that separates us from other appliance repair companies out there. For us, it’s all about Pricing, Quality, and Time:

Pricing :other companies give you a bill that contains some very unpleasant surprises when they have finished working (e.g. additional charges, hidden fees, etc.). We quote you a flat rate up-front before we start repairing your appliances.

Quality :all parts are covered by manufacturer’s warranties; all workmanship is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Time :we offer flexible appointment setting and work around your schedule because we know your time is valuable.

For more information regarding appliance repair in Pickering or our extensive line of services, please contact Platinum Appliance RepairLet us show you how to keep your home running efficiently.