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Oven Repair

We rely on our ovens and stoves every day for the conveniences they provide with home-cooked meals. When it comes to oven repair and any issues with your stove, Platinum Appliance Repair is the company you can trust. We are specialists for servicing your kitchen appliances in Ontario. For decades, we have provided professional appliance installation, preventative maintenance, and repair services throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and southern Ontario.

Common Repair Issues with Ovens and Stoves

No matter if you live in Milton, Niagara Falls, Pickering or any other communities, there are a number of issues that can develop with our kitchen appliances over time. Our oven repair technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable of the more common issues listed here, as well as their causes:

Burners get too hot – typically caused by a bad switch

Burners won’t ignite – can be caused by the switch, receptacle, or the burner itself

Improper heating – there are a number of causes for this, depending on the type of appliance you have (it’s best to call us to determine what is causing this)

Indicator light remains on – switched is damaged or defective

Oven doesn’t bake; broiler doesn’t work – usually caused by a bad bake igniter or igniter valve

Oven doesn’t heat up – replace the baking or broiling heating elements

Oven door won’t open – could be a defective clock, a worn out oven control, or the self-cleaning latch is misaligned

Self-cleaning function doesn’t work properly – caused by a damaged or defective function selector or self-clean latch

Temperatures are erratic – a bad bake igniter, selection switch, or temperature sensor may be the culprit

No matter what the problem is, the Platinum Appliance Repair technicians have dealt with a diverse range of stove and oven repair issues. We service throughout Milton, Niagara Falls, Pickering, and a number of other cities around the GTA and southern Ontario. Our mission is to properly identify the problem and recommend the proper repair solution, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team of technicians is highly experienced and skilled; having worked on all brands and models of ovens, to understand its’ working. That is why they are able to diagnose the problem and effectively repair it.

Why Should You Call Platinum Appliance Repair?

Although stove and oven repair is just one of many services that we provide, there are addition reasons to choose our company over our competitors. If anything, it is the qualities of our company that separates us from the competition. Hire our company to care for the appliances in your Milton, Niagara Falls, or Pickering home. You’ll be dealing with individuals who have been trained in all facets of appliance repair. Plus, our technicians are always courteous, professional, and respectful.

For more information regarding our appliance repair services, or to schedule your first appointment, contact Platinum Appliance Repair today. We’ll show you how we can put the heat back in your kitchen quickly and cost-effectively.