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Appliance Repair Niagara Falls

Whenever you need professional appliance repair in Niagara Falls, the company you can always rely on and trust to get the job done right the first time is Platinum Appliance Repair . We have been repairing appliances throughout the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario. We also offer professional appliance installation services when needed and customized preventative appliance maintenance plans that will keep your machines operating efficiently.

All households have several major appliances that we depend on a daily basis and that keep our homes running efficiently. In addition to the comfort and conveniences that they provide, they also help us maintain a safe and stress-free household. So when one of them breaks down, we usually think about how much it is going to cost us to purchase a replacement. Fortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way and a minor is all that is really needed.

At Platinum Appliance Repair, we now provide appliance repair in Niagara Falls and specialize in clothes dryer repair, dishwasher repair, oven / range repair, refrigerator repair, and washer repair. In addition to these basic appliance repair services, we also provide other important services including:

Professional appliance installation : naturally, there are some appliances that can be installed easy enough without professional assistance. However, keep in mind that all appliances run on electricity while some also require natural gas and plumbing hook-ups. Inexperience in these areas can be dangerous and pose serious health risks to you and your family members.

Preventative appliance maintenance : a customized preventative maintenance plan that is tailored to the needs of your household ensures that you will save money in the following ways:

Decreased frequency of repairs and associated costs means more savings

Enhanced lifespan eliminates premature replacement costs

Increased energy efficiency lowers the cost of monthly utility bills

One of our specialists will be happy to sit down with you and evaluate your appliance care and maintenance needs. A preventative appliance maintenance plan addresses the needs of your household and can increase energy efficiency by 20% or more while preventing up to 90% of all appliance repairs.

While DIY repair may be tempting because of saving you time and money initially, there is no substitute for experience and expertise where appliance repair in Niagara Falls is concerned. Without the skills that a technician from Platinum Appliance Repairpossesses, you increase the risk of misdiagnosing the problem and doing the wrong repair. In the long run, this is going to cost you more money than what you had saved by doing the repair yourself. So you have to ask yourself “Is DIY really worth it?”

There are several reasons why professional appliance repair is more advantageous than DIY repair. Consider the following factors:

Money : while DIY repair can save you money initially, it can also cost you more in the long run. We understand that budgets are tight in today’s economy and that is why we offer competitive, honest, up-front pricing. You’ll know what the job will cost before we start and you’ll never have to worry about additional charges or hidden fees.

Quality : unless you are appliance maintenance and repair expert, there is little likelihood that you can do the job as well a technician employed by Platinum Appliance Repair. Even if you do have a repair guide and/or troubleshooting manual, there are a number of issues that could arise that an inexperienced amateur cannot detect. As a DIY’er, it may be difficult to determine what’s normal and what isn’t.

Safety : the #1 concern for any type of repair project, especially appliance repair. All appliances are powered by electricity, meaning that inexperience elevates the risk of getting electrocuted. Plus, when there are issues with electrical wiring that aren’t repaired properly, it increases the risk of fire. These risks are eliminated when you hire a professional technician for your appliance repairs.

Time : for most individuals today, time is a valuable commodity because of home and work responsibilities. That is why we offer the most flexible appointment setting in the GTA. This enables us to accommodate your schedule and cause as little disruption in your daily routine as possible.

So remember. The next time you need appliance repair in Niagara Falls, the company to contact is Platinum Appliance Repair