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Garbage Disposal Repair

Most of the times we tend to take our garbage disposal for granted, compared to the other appliances in our homes. Usually, we only get concerned about it when it doesn’t work properly or stops working completely. Such as when you have to clear a clog or you’re unable to flush food waste down it. When that happens, it’s probably time to contact Platinum Appliance Repair for garbage disposal repair services. WE provide appliance services in the cities of Milton, Niagara Falls, and Pickering. Our team of factory trained technicians is licensed to work on all brands. We can effectively evaluate and repair the issues that you may be facing.

In many cases, only a simple inexpensive repair is required to have your appliances back up and running again. But at some point in time, it will no longer make sense to keep repairing it. Consequently, there are several “red flags”, or warning signs, that indicate when it is time to replace your garbage disposal, including:

Disposal blades are simply too dull – Although you can use ice cubes to sharpen the blades, eventually they just become too dull. If you’ve recently been dealing with frequent clogs, or it’s taking too long to grind up food, it may be time to replace the garbage disposal in your Ontario home.

Frequent clogging – You can take best care of your garbage disposal by cutting food items into smaller pieces, and disposing of manufacturer-approved food items. You should also run water during use, and 20 seconds or more afterwards. If it still clogs, it may be time to replace it.

Odors keep lingering – If you notice a constant odor you can try cleaning your appliance with baking soda, citrus peels, ice cubes, and a sink full of dishwater or vinegar. Problems arise when that smell is trapped in the disposal or within the drain lines. If our garbage disposal repair services cannot fix the problem it may be time for you to replace it. Allow Platinum Appliance Repair to install a new one.

There’s a leak that cannot be repaired – Dishwasher lines and drain leaks are fairly easy to fix. You may need to replace the O-rings or tighten a loose connection. On the other hand, some leaks are more complex and quite costly to repair. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to replace the entire unit then to try and repair it again.

You continually have to press the reset button – Using the reset button after use, to clear a clog, or when you have run a large quantity of food waste through the appliance is normal. However, when you have to continually hit the rest button it could mean that the motor is worn out.

For additional information regarding garbage disposal repair services in Milton, Niagara Falls, or Pickering, give us a call. PPlatinum Appliance Repair is only an e-mail message or a phone call away. Why not contact us and discuss your needs with one of our specialists?.