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Dishwasher Repair

Today’s appliance technology has extended the life of our home appliances compared to those of yesteryear; especially kitchen appliances such as your dishwasher. However, when used every day without ever servicing them, the normal wear and tear that occurs will require calling Platinum Appliance Repair for dishwasher repair. If you live in the cities of Milton, Niagara Falls, or Pickering, you can take advantage of our appliance installation, maintenance, and repair services whenever the situation arises.

It helps to know the signs indicating that your dishwasher is in need of repair. The more you know, the easier you’ll be able to spot a potential problem, and avoid a more costly repair job. Get to know the following “red flags”:

Dishes are still dirty when they come out of the wash cycle – In some cases, your dishes could even be emitting a mold odor. This could be attributed to a blocked debris trap, using the wrong detergent, or the water temperature isn’t hot enough. Check your owner’s manual regarding these problems. If you can’t resolve these issues, Platinum Appliance Repair can offer dishwasher repair services for the cities of Ontario.

Dishwasher isn’t draining or filling completely – This is one of numerous appliance problems that are directly attributed to water usage. It could be that you’re not getting enough water flow to the appliance and into the wash and rinse cycles. Water keeps flowing without stopping or doesn’t drain at all. The problem may be:

dishwasher isn’t draining – may be caused by a blocked drain hose

insufficient water supply entering the hose – cycle timer or inlet valve may need to be replaced

too much water filling the dishwasher – usually indicates a faulty float switch

Water is leaking out of the appliance – No matter how slight the leak, don’t minimize it. If the leak is behind the dishwasher, or it is leaking from underneath the front of it, shut your water supply off immediately! The next step is to call us out to your home to check all the gaskets, hoses, valves, and other components, to diagnose the problem and recommend the right solution.

Your dishwasher is making loud noises – Grinding or screeching noises indicate that there’s a problem with the motor. It could also mean that something has gotten lodged in one of the sprayer arms, which is a less costly problem. Just remember to unplug your dishwasher before you attempt to correct the issue. Otherwise, call the pros at Platinum Appliance Repair for dishwasher repair services. We’ll be glad to be of assistance.

In any case you should contact Platinum Appliance Repair to evaluate the problem and determine what repairs are necessary. Paying for a minor repair now may be the solution, instead of buying a new dishwasher. Our service areas include Milton, Niagara Falls, or Pickering. We offer cost-effective maintenance services, so that the issues may be handled immediately.