Conventional Vs. Convection Ovens: What’s The Difference?

Your may have heard the claims that convection ovens cook faster and more evenly than conventional, thermal bake ovens. But there is a difference in the way they circulate heat which can be good for some things, not so good for others. According to Niagara Falls, ON appliance repair professionals, getting used to cooking with a convection oven can take some time, but can be well worth the effort. (more…)

6 Signs Your Microwave May Need Service

Remember the days before microwaves? Heating up those leftovers meant a dirty pan and a good bit of time. But the microwave changed the nature of leftovers and food in general. We rarely consider the lowly microwave’s convenience these days, but definitely recognize the inconvenience when it malfunctions. Here are a few symptoms of a struggling microwave that may warrant a quick call to your local appliance repair technician in Pickering. (more…)

What To Do About A Noisy Dryer?

The thing that you might want to consider if you have a noisy dryer is that this is not just annoying – it is also something which could signify a very serious problem. While quite a lot of different causes are capable of being the reason for the issue, troubleshooting the problem is definitely going to save time and it may prevent additional issues. With this in mind, here are a few common issues that you might want to consider if you’ve come across a noisy dryer. (more…)

Troubleshooting Thermostat Related Stove Problems

The stove has a regular role in our homes and kitchens. Thankfully it does not break very often but when it does, the problem has usually something to do with the thermostat or any other temperature regulating unit. The thermostat in your oven is responsible for the temperature inside – it senses the heat levels and it cycles the heat flow on or off to reach and maintain the desired temperature. If you have temperature issues, the first thing you need to take a look at is the thermostat. Here is some information what and where you should inspect before calling the professionals. (more…)

Is My Microwave Broken Or Just Quirky?

Can you imagine your life without a microwave now? Imagine the middle of night, you wake up as hungry as you have been, walk to the kitchen, put the favorite meal inside the beloved microwave and it does not work. Very few things can be as disappointing as the cold meal and the broken microwave. It is not the simplest machine that we can try to fix but there are still ways to check before calling a professional appliance repair technician. (more…)