Troubleshooting Thermostat Related Stove Problems

The stove has a regular role in our homes and kitchens. Thankfully it does not break very often but when it does, the problem has usually something to do with the thermostat or any other temperature regulating unit. The thermostat in your oven is responsible for the temperature inside – it senses the heat levels and it cycles the heat flow on or off to reach and maintain the desired temperature. If you have temperature issues, the first thing you need to take a look at is the thermostat. Here is some information what and where you should inspect before calling the professionals. (more…)

Is My Microwave Broken Or Just Quirky?

Can you imagine your life without a microwave now? Imagine the middle of night, you wake up as hungry as you have been, walk to the kitchen, put the favorite meal inside the beloved microwave and it does not work. Very few things can be as disappointing as the cold meal and the broken microwave. It is not the simplest machine that we can try to fix but there are still ways to check before calling a professional appliance repair technician. (more…)

Care And Maintenance of Refrigerator Water Filter

Refrigerators have a huge role in our lives. They get more complicated each year and the maintenance of one is not an easy task. While some parts of the tall machine are easier to notice, the water filters are “hidden” from us and sometimes we are neglecting them. Changing the filter regularly is a must, but unfortunately not enough sometimes. Due to buildup in the system, water and ice can lose the clean and pure taste they once had. Bacteria and mold can grow inside, get into your water and not only the taste will be ruined but in some more severe cases it can lead to sickness in the family. This is why taking good care is important and here is some information how we can do this. (more…)

When To Call For Clothes Dryer Repair Door?

Depending on which part of the world you are from you can one of two types of people – the ones who love fixing (or at least trying) everything or the ones who call “the guy” for every little weird sound they hear in their home. The dryer is not different than the rest of our appliances. Calling a professional makes the process easier but it also affects your pocket. Sometimes the reason can be quite simple and you can fix it yourself. Here are some hints and tips how you can check before calling “the professional”. (more…)

What Is The Effect of Summer Heat On Your Appliances?

Hot summer days are awesome when you’re sunbathing on the beach or soaking in the pool but they could also bring quite a challenge for your home appliances. As the heat starts to build up, summer storms as well as power outages could potentially damage the electric appliances of your home, making it rather difficult for them to keep up with the demand. If you fail to keep an eye out on the major ones, they might even malfunction or start working a lot less efficiently than you’d expect them to. Let’s have a look at some of them and the things that you need to consider about them. (more…)

Does The Space Between The Doors of Your Refrigerator Heating Up?

The main designation of your refrigerator is to keep the things placed inside properly cooled off in order to maintain their overall quality and integrity. As it is, it would be quite shocking if you felt that some part of the unit was actually burning hot. If your refrigerator is a side-by-side type and it’s an older model, the portion between the compartment doors might actually get quite hot. This is a very common issue that a lot of homeowners complain about. (more…)

Things To Consider About Fixing An Oven

If your oven malfunctions or dies out entirely, you should know that you’ve gotten yourself in a lot of trouble. Half of the cooking potential of your entire household has just gone down the drain. However, this shouldn’t make you lose hope and get you thinking that you need to buy a new one. You can repair it and be done with it. The truth is that there are different issues and some of them you can certainly handle on your own. (more…)

Diagnosing The Common Range Issues

Throughout the overall lifespan of your range, it’s quite common for you to experience some issues with it. Being able to figure out what’s wrong with the unit could help you determine whether you need to hire a professional or whether it is something that you can handle on your own. Having this type of knowledge is also going to ensure that you make the right call depending on the issue that’s present. So, let’s have a look at how to put a differential diagnosis, so to speak, on your range. (more…)

Does The Refrigerator’s Freezer Unit Need Repairs?

Are you experiencing issues with your fridge freezer? The truth is that a freezer which is attached to your fridge can easily start to wear down rather quickly because of the different compressor which is being used in order to keep your food at the designated temperature. Freezers run rather frequently and this compressor can start to wear down faster and, respectively, to break down. If that’s the case, turning to a professional is certainly beneficial. (more…)