Guide For Cleaning Ice Maker

Perhaps you are wondering why it would be necessary to clean an ice maker. The old ice cube makers did not get cleaned each time that all the cubes had been removed. The cube-shaped holders were simply filled with more water.
At that time, no one gave much thought to the contents of the clear liquid that came from the kitchen tap. No one guessed that it could contain tiny bits of dirt of minerals, such as lime. Moreover, the old trays could be rinsed, before being re-used. (more…)

All About Microwave Safety

There is something to be said when you open up a microwave and it is clean and clear. There is nothing worse than a microwave that is never wiped out inside. After food splatters all over the place inside while being heated, that is food that is stuck on until it is wiped off. Imagine heating up a bowl of food in a microwave that is dirty and some of those stuck on food particles drop down into your bowl while it is heating up. You won’t know that it is in there because it is such a small amount but just imagine all the bacteria in that particle of food that you are now going to eat…Yuck! (more…)

How To Keep Your Appliances From Breaking Down

Every type of appliance contains those components that the manufacturer has placed in that same machine. Those are the parts that allow that piece of equipment to function properly. Damage to those parts can shorten the life of the same machine, even after it has been repaired. Homeowners enjoy freedom from repeated breakdowns of their appliances, when they adopt certain practices, such as those presented in this article. (more…)