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Appliance Maintenance

Most homeowners in Milton, Niagara Falls, and Pickering are well aware of the many tasks that their home appliances save them from doing. As well, they are aware of the comforts and conveniences their appliances provide in the process; oftentimes taking them for granted. However, whenever one of them malfunctions or stops working altogether, it disrupts their daily routine and can throws the household into near chaos.

Unfortunately, the reason why our appliances often fail is because they are misused or over-used (unintentionally of course) by their owners. Platinum Appliance Repair recommends that you read the operating manuals that you received when you bought your appliances. Specifically, read the section on preventative appliance maintenance. This will educate you on the proper use of your appliances and the need for regular service.

What You Can Do

A preventative appliance maintenance plan is the only way to extend the lifespan of your appliances, and guarantee optimum energy efficient operation. However, there are a few things that you can do which do not require professional assistance. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your appliances:

Clothes dryers – Clean lint traps to improve efficiency and reduce fire risk. Do not dry shoes or other hard objects, and inspect the vent annually. Check for noises and malfunction periodically.

Dishwashers – Check spinning arms and ensure the spray holes are unobstructed. Clean the filter of debris and water deposits, removing residue and soap build-up. Use white vinegar for cleaning the dishwasher and running it when empty.

Garbage disposals – Run cold water 20 to 30 seconds before and after running food through the disposal. Sharpen blades by running cold water and ice cubes down the device.

Ovens – Instead of using the self-cleaning mode, clean spills as they occur. Use drip pans to catch spillovers. Check wires and replace the switches if there are cracks in them.

Refrigerators – Check door seals and replace as needed. Clean the condenser regularly. Don’t store items atop the appliance. Leave space between the refrigerator and the wall.

Washing machines – Check pockets on clothing for foreign objects. Don’t overload the appliance. Replace washer fill hose as recommended. Set water level and temperature appropriately, using the right detergent.

Although these are simple preventative appliance maintenance tasks, they can go a long way to preventing more costly repairs.

Consider a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Platinum Appliance Repair offers customizable preventative maintenance plans that can be tailored to the needs of residents in Milton, Niagara Falls, and Pickering. As well, we service many other cities throughout the GTA and southern Ontario. These plans will help you avoid a great deal of stress and worry. They will save you money on repair and replacement costs. Since preventative appliance maintenance also ensures energy-efficient operation, you’ll see the savings on your monthly utility bills, as well.

For more information regarding our preventative maintenance plans, or to schedule an appointment for installation or repairs, contact Platinum Appliance Repair today.